How to determine the best desk height for your adjustable height desk!

Projects vary on many levels. Your desk height should too. Whether it’s work or play, every project has its own set of needs and requirements. With an adjustable height desk, you won’t need to move from area to area to accommodate those needs. Just crank your desk frame to whatever height is necessary to get every phase of your project work done.

The hand-cranked height adjustable desk frame from is a great choice for achieving the ideal desk height levels for your work requirements. With a height range of 26 ½” to 39 ¾” (and every inch in between) it can put you on top of, or eye-to-eye with, every aspect of your project.

There are two important determinations to make when choosing heights for your standing desk: your posture and your arm position. You should maintain a good standing posture when working at a sit-stand workstation. With both feet firmly on the floor, you should be looking straight ahead, at eye-level with the monitor. Your neck should not be tilted up or down. Meanwhile, your arms should be parallel to the ground while you type (an elbow angle at or above 90 degrees is most ideal). Of course, the user’s height figures into the choice of levels for stand-up desks, which makes them even more sensible for any workspace.

Again, it’s clear that the ergonomically-adjustable work station is a great choice on many levels. And isn’t that where we spend most of our day anyway?


Use a hand crank to adjust the desk height

Adjustable Height Hand Cranked Desk Frame, 26-1/2″ to 39-3/4″ height adjustment

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