Don’t just sit there – look into a height-adjustable desk!

If your work demands that you sit at a desk for several hours a day, the sit-stand desk could offer lots of added benefits that you may not be aware of. The fact is, we get involved with our work and end up sitting far too long until stiffness, aches and pains set in. We know from recent research into the subject of too much sitting, that a wide variation of movement keeps the body more active and healthy.

Enter the concept of sit and stand working. It’s actually a more natural way of working because it opens up a wide variety of postures that sitting doesn’t allow for. The broad range of height-adjustable desks available today offers the best of both worlds: stand for period of time, and sit when the need arises. Go to to see a variety of great choices, from manually to electrically operated.

A sit-stand desk is built on a height-adjustable desk that will easily raise and lower your work space. So if you want to stretch your legs you can easily raise your desk to a height that allows you to stand while working. When you’re ready to sit, just lower your desk back to your chair height.

Benefits of the ergonomic height-adjusting desks go on to include better weight control, due to increased calorie burning, better focus, likely due to better blood circulation, better posture overall and increased energy. As with any new physical adjustment, you need to pace yourself  when starting this new regimen. Plus, carefully consider the impact if you have back, leg, knee or other health issues.

Overall, it’s a great solution to the fixed height desk and its inherent health issues. So if you’re ready to stand up to body stiffness and lack of energy and focus, go to today!

Anthro Height-Adjustable Desk

Anthro Dual-Surface Fit Adjusta Sit/Stand Desk, Silver Frame with 47-1/4″x36-1/2″ Birch Worksurface (monitors and display items not included)