The Top 5 Reasons to Love a Hand-cranked Adjustable Height Desk

It’s all the rage now…the ergonomically inspired workspace. The benefits to posture and health of the height-adjustable desks are well documented and highly touted. The only question left to ponder is: which type of sit-stand desk is for you? As it turns out, the hand-cranked height-adjustable desks are getting rave reviews for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at the Top 5:

1. Accuracy of reaching exact height level needed. Users of the hand-crank frame for their workspace desk enjoy the control they have for reaching finely-tuned levels of height. This comes in particularly handy when trying to raise the desk to an exact point under a wall shelf or cabinet, for example, where an electric model might offer less stopping accuracy and speed control.

2. More affordable than the electric frame. As expected, the crankable frame is less expensive than most electrically operated height adjustable frames.

3. Able to change desk height often, and in a matter of seconds. Users who switch from standing to sitting and back again throughout the day enjoy the swiftness of changing their desk height with the handy crank, and relax in knowing that regular use of the smooth-operating handle will never be affected by overuse.

4. Being cordless, there are no issues with having a cord in the way. For users who prefer cordless choices for their electronic devices, the hand-crank standing frame is the next obvious choice. With no cords to contend with, and with the crank designed to easily move out of the way, there’s no issue with obstruction for the “free-standing” user.

5. Reliable for the long term. Its beauty is in its simplicity. The hand-cranked frame has no complicated or intricate parts. It’s designed to go the distance with you, promising accuracy with every crank.

There it is. A list of reasons why you should consider the hand-cranked adjustable height desk for your workspace. We’re pretty cranked up about all the benefits of this highly accurate adjustable frame ourselves. That’s why you’ll find plenty of them to choose from at We’ll be studying a variety of other standing height desks in the weeks to come, so look for us!

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