The Best Way to Approach an Adjustable Height Desk

By now you’ve probably heard of the newest health upgrade in workstations: the standing office desk or adjustable height desk. A variety of models can already be found in offices around the country, and users are singing their praises. Those same users, however, would likely have this advice to offer to first-time partakers of the sit-stand desks:

We’ve all been exposed to the recent unsettling medical news that “sitting is killing us”, and we can easily grasp the logic that standing for a larger portion of our day will create better posture, and circulation, while reducing overall body stiffness. But it’s important to transition out of that daily habit of sitting for long hours slowly and carefully, lest your body rebel and the purpose be defeated.

Just as with any new routine of movement with our bodies, a slow and steady adjustment is necessary to ensure easy transition and little or no pain. So, to get the best, and most expedient, benefit from your new standing habit, consider pacing yourself for the first week. Start by standing for 15 minutes each hour and work your way up to a full hour, then two hours, etc. After several hours of standing, even the healthiest person will need to take a sitting break, so work a few of those into your day.

The most important permanent accessory to your height-adjustable desk may be a cushioned mat (perhaps a gel mat) to stand on. That, and a comfortable pair of low-heeled shoes, will create the perfect balance for your healthy start behind an ergonomic stand-up desk. Also, people who have circulatory or water retention issues may find additional benefit in the use of compression socks.

Great advice to consider when initiating your new stand-up workstation. Adhering to these points should keep you in good standing for years.


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