Learn More: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Equipment Leg 553-15L-SS

Welcome back to our Replacementtablelegs.com Learn More Series! Today we highlight the 553-15L-SS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Equipment Leg and provide you with more in-depth information and ideas than what can be found on our product pages!

Heavy duty stainless steel cabinet or furniture height table leg 553-15L-SS
Heavy duty stainless steel equipment leg shown in 3 separate piecesClose up of 553-15L-SS heavy duty equipment leg with foot removedHeavy duty cabinet or equipment high stainless steel table leg

The 553-15L-SS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Equipment Leg is a workhorse!

This heavy duty stainless steel equipment leg is what you need when you:

  • have a lot of weight to support
  • need a metal table leg that can withstand movement
  • need a moisture resistant leg for restaurant or outdoor environment
  • need a 304 grade stainless steel equipment leg to meet food preparation building codes
  • require a cost-effective, durable metal table leg for commercial applications
  • require a neutral appearance or functional style


Each heavy duty stainless steel equipment leg has a 2″ diameter column that is rated to withstand 2,000 lbs of vertical weight per leg which opens up a broad range of uses in industrial and commercial applications.

Exact Technical Dimensions

Schematic illustration of the 553-15L-SS metal table legs dimensions.


Some good things to know about the 553-15L-SS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Equipment Leg

  • The 553-15L-SS equipment legs are part of a series of 6″ height legs offering various styles of appearance and function including bolt-down legs
  • Each 553-15L-SS equipment leg has a range of 1-7/16″ adjustment range. See it fully extended in the video below.
  • 553-15L-SS equipment legs can be installed with just a drill and the appropriate drilling and screwdriver bits for your furniture or cabinet material.
  • If a leg is damaged, the leg itself it can be easily removed by hand from the mounting face plate.