A Multipurpose Kitchen Table with a Bar Height Table Base

Do you need prep space in your kitchen but lack the available room for an extra table? A new hybrid work/dining table created by combining a tabletop of your choice with a bar height table base can be the answer. A kitchen table with a tall table base makes great use of your kitchen space, enabling you to use it for both food preparation and dining. It’s an all-in-one solution for smaller sized kitchens or for creating a modern design statement. Replacement Table Legs can provide everything you need for a customized table design that will blend in well with your current kitchen design and provide a functional and sturdy work and eating area.

Barheight Tables Are Perfect For Food Prep and Dining

The kitchen experts at www.thekitchn.com explain:

“A bar-height table can be used for prep space from day-to-day. But when you have a few folks over for dinner, pull up the stools and use it for sitting down to dine. This could even replace a dining table in small apartments. If you’re into this idea, but not into the bar-height sets available on the market, there are other options. Consider a simple stainless steel counter or butcher block top on a bar-height base with separately-purchased stools. It’ll look much more stylish than a matching set and will work well as both kitchen prep surface and dining table.”

Read more : http://www.thekitchn.com/barheight-dining-in-the-kitche-155440

At ReplacementTableLegs.com, we have a large selection of bar height table bases and tabletops so you can design your own table. With choices such as a cast iron ornamental table base, a 4 leg prong table base, adjustable lift stainless steel table base, cast iron “x” style and round pedestal style bases, you will have endless options for your bar height table. Bar height tables are typically 40”-42” in height, with bar stools in the 28′-30” range.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Bar Height Table Base?

A bar height table with stools is a great addition to any kitchen:

  • Use as a multi-function table, for food prep or dining
  • Better visibility around the kitchen (keep an eye on the kids)
  • Creates a fun bar, pub or food serving area in your home
  • Thin and tall design makes good use of available space
  • Creates a relaxed atmosphere for dining
  • Affordable, unique and versatile

Imagine when friends come to visit and want to gather around your table in an informal and casual way. A bar height table is a perfect area to socialize and dine. The additional space that is created for a buffet style food station or party drink area also adds to the appeal of creating your own table using a bar height table base.

The Many Uses of a Bar Height Table Base

At Replacement Table Legs, we have seen people employ a variety of imaginative applications for a bar height table base. If you need an outdoor patio table or have an outdoor bar area, this table base is a nice size for casual, outdoor dining. We have seen this size tablebase used for wine bar tables, creative farmhouse style tables, trendy, industrial-designed loft tables, and more.

Our specialty tablebase types include studio telescoping bases, tapered pedestal table legs, a trumpet pedestal table base and more. We also carry bar height table legs. Your unique vision can be turned into a personalized table. Call us today at 877-788-8520 to find everything you need to create your bar height table or browse our large table base collection online.