ABS Plastic and Our Products!

What is ABS Plastic? And Why Do we use it on our products?

ReplacementTableLegs.com provides many legs that come with ABS plastic adjustable feet, but what does that even mean? ABS is an abbreviation used for the terpolymer created by polymerizing Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Together these chemicals provide superior chemical, heat, and impact resistance, which make it a durable material to apply to products expected to withstand heavy impact or extreme climates.

ABS plastics are applied to a wide variety of products, such as, electrical parts, automotive parts, musical instruments, plumbing, radiation shielding, sports equipment, military, toys, video equipment, etc. ABS plastic can be used in injection moldings for manufacturing products, and is also used as a colorant for certain tattoo inks. So you can see that people have found several uses for it.

At replacementtablelegs.com, we use ABS plastic on most of our table legs, and a few table accessories, such as, our Table Shox. We use it on our table leg’s adjustable feet, to ensure optimal long lasting support and stability in a variety of environments. Our adjustable feet are used as a leveling solution for uneven flooring or a wobbly table. Below is a picture of our Zoom leg. The Zoom leg is unique in the fact that it has an ABS plastic caster that is specially modified just for it.

abs plastic Zoom_Metal_Table_Leg_Adjustable_Foot

SINGLE LEG, Zoom Table Leg, 27-3/4”, 2-3/8” diameter leg 4” adjustable foot

For more information on ABS plastic and it’s application on our replacementtablelegs.com products please e-mail kim@replacementtablelegs.com